Thursday, June 4, 2009

Note to TJ (5)

Another 7am morning, which was glorious! Except that it was a rainy morning so the kids were inside the whole time, and Tre kept asking when we were leaving for the movie! Which was awesome! I decided to do lunch & a movie so we left around 11:30 and headed for Donald's. That's where we sent you the "miss you, daddy" video! Then we left for the movie theater. He was very excited about getting a movie ticket, and even handed the ticket to the usher (which I was really surprised that he took the initiative!) We went to the concession stand and I let him choose whatever type of candy he wanted. Of course he chose M&M's! And I snuck in some juice boxes so he was a happy boy! The movie was good, but loud; he spent most of the time with his hands over his ears! And overall I think he had a great time! What was really funny, though, was that on the way home he asked about nap time and whether or not he had to take a nap. He got so excited when I told him that we had skipped nap time - I think he liked that almost as much as going to the movie. Anyway, he asked when we could go again and I told him next time we would have to take you cause you like movies a lot too! So get ready for the questions of how soon we can go!!

Oh! And Colin has learned how to hug; like really hug! It's so cute! He'll put his arms around my neck and I'll say "squeeze" and he hugs so tight, it's awesome! I can't wait for you to experience it!!

Well, I should probably get going; we're visiting with Dax & Melissa. They got here around 4:30, ate dinner (oh, Colin likes salad... I'll tell you more about that when you get here!), and now we're just hanging out and talking. Only a couple more days til you get home, and I can't wait! Seeing that movie really made me miss you more! Love you!

- Jo

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