Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mike Wazowski

It is will tear-filled eyes that I am writing this blog. Our beloved bulldog, Mike Wazowski, is no longer with us. He passed yesterday from heat-stroke and complications at the age of 6. He was a great dog. Loud, but great. A pain sometimes, but great.

TJ and I got Mike a week after we got back from our honeymoon. He's been a part of the Davis family from the very beginning. I'm not sure how he got the nickname Magoo, but if I wasn't calling him "Michael" for getting on my nerves, I was calling him "Magoo". And even though he was an English bulldog, TJ and I would tease that he must have had some German in him because he liked to do this high-step march at times. And when he was really excited he would wiggle his little nub and put his front paws down, then jump up at you. Yes, our bull-dog jumped! And ran sideways when he was really excited. And Mike was a tough dog. There was one time he got in a little fight with my brother's dog, Vader, and he came out with a broken jaw. But you wouldn't have known it, cause Mike never showed that he was hurt - he was bulldog!

Mike definitely prepared me for having kids. He was always loud except when he was getting into something he wasn't supposed to be doing. Much like my kids are today! Mike was my cuddle buddy, always trying to steal my blanket and my spot on the couch! I will miss Magoo very much... he can never be replaced.

- Jo


Debbie Piper said...

So sorry to hear that Mike Wazowski is no longer with us. I still laugh remembering his snoring through one of our Vista creative meetings! What a dog he was!

We understand the grief well. Dave and I lost Ruff and Rascal just a month apart last fall, and Julie and Greg lost Haley just two weeks ago. They are part of our families.

Love you guys!

becoming brina said...

I'm so sorry, hun. Mike was a great dog and such a sweet boy. You guys are in my thoughts. <3

Jenn said...

I am so sorry to hear this! You are the second friends of mine who lost their dog to heat strok this week. Crazy! Neither one very old. I am very sad for you! Love you!