Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Note to TJ (3)

Well 6:30 am is a better wake-up time for our children... but it was still a long day! I made them stay in their room until 7, and then they came and cuddled with me in our bed until breakfast, so at least the tantrums were fewer today!

We went to the museum today and decided to feed the ducks first. I went on the sidewalk next to the pond and we fed the ducks from behind a small hedge, which actually worked out cause then the ducks couldn't attack us like they were the other children who were feeding them from the lawn (in front of the hedge!). I didn't actually plan that... but really glad it worked out that way! So I gave a couple of broken pieces of bread to Tre to throw to the ducks, then I gave Colin his piece of bread - which he put directly into his mouth! I should've known better: when you give Colin food he's gonna eat it!! But after watching Tre for awhile he got the hang of it, and we sent you a video of how much they enjoyed it! After the feeding we went inside the museum, which we walked through pretty quickly, so I think it's safe to say the best part of the museum was outside with the ducks!!

After nap we decided to hit the pool again, which now Colin actually says "pool", so that's pretty cool! It didn't last long, though, 'cause we heard some thundering. So we came inside and played games (video & card) for the rest of the night. Ben & Jon came by for dinner and games, which you'll have to ask them about Tre playing boxing with Ben and tennis with Jon... pretty funny stuff! The boys stayed and talked with Ma and I, and I think you got busted on a couple of things... again, ask the boys!

Supposedly Dax & Melissa should be stopping by sometime tomorrow on their cross-country trip. Dax said it would either be tomorrow sometime, or Thursday morning... so, we'll see about that! Anyway, love you lots. It's getting late so I'm gonna hit the sack! Love you!!

- Jo

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