Monday, June 8, 2009

TJ's Back!!!

As you can tell from my previous posts, or just take my word for it, we survived TJ being out of the country!! He got back a couple of days ago sleepy, but had a great week of ministry! But I think he forgot just how crazy our yellow house can be! This morning Colin was running down the hallway screaming and TJ asked, "when did he start doing that?" I gently reminded TJ that that was Colin, and he's always done that! And Emma took a day to remember her daddy, but by today she was smiling and recognizing him again. When I told Tre that TJ had landed in Atlanta, he ran to the window, looked outside and said, "but, Mommy, I don't see a plane." He told TJ that he missed him more than TJ missed him back... it was very sweet to see their reunion early Sunday morning as Tre cuddled with his daddy!

So, all is well as we are reunited back under one roof! I really appreciate my mother-in-law coming up for a week to help me keep my sanity! I think now she'll believe me when I tell her the yellow house is a crazy house! She's lived here a week to understand!!

Oh, and a funny story before I go. Tre was looking at pictures of Emma's baby shower and picked two that he said were his favorite. One was me opening presents, and the other was me showing off the pretty cake. I asked him why they were his favorites, and he said, "cause they are the most beautiful." I asked him, "you like them for the presents & cake?" Tre says "yeah". I asked, "Or because mommy's in them?" Tre says, "Naaahh. It's the presents & cake." Eating humble pie again!!

- Jo

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